Trend Buddy


How to Use the "TotT - Trend Buddy" Indicator on TradingView

Step 1: Applying the Indicator

  • Once you're on TradingView, open the chart of the asset you want to analyze.

  • Go to the "Indicators" menu at the top of the chart and click on it.

  • In the search box, type "TotT - Trend Buddy" and select it from the list to apply it to your chart.

Step 2: Understanding the Indicator's Visual Cues

  • Your chart will now display colored bars based on the analysis of the current and past price action.

  • Look for different colors which represent different market conditions:

    • Gold bars may indicate a strong move upwards, known as a breakout.

    • Magenta bars could suggest a strong move downwards, called a breakdown.

    • Orange bars might signal a possible pivot point where the price could be preparing to change direction.

    • Other colors will appear based on various conditions that the indicator calculates.

Step 3: Using the Indicator for Trading Decisions

  • Pay attention to a series of gold bars as this could be a sign of a continuing upward trend.

  • If you see a series of magenta bars, the market may be trending downward.

  • Orange bars or other pivot-related colors can mean potential reversal points, suggesting caution or a change in the trend.

  • Use these color signals to help decide if it's a good time to enter or exit a trade, always considering the context of the overall trend and other indicators you might be using.

Step 4: Customizing the Indicator

  • If you find the chart too cluttered or wish to focus on specific signals, you can adjust the settings.

  • Right-click on the chart and choose "Indicators." Then find "TotT - Trend Buddy" in your list of applied indicators and click on the settings icon.

  • Here you can toggle certain features on or off, such as highlighting high points in the market.

Step 5: Interpreting Signals with Context

  • Remember, no indicator is perfect. Use the "TotT - Trend Buddy" as one tool in your trading toolkit.

  • Consider the bigger market picture and other indicators to confirm any signals you get from "Trend Buddy."

  • Always be aware of economic news or events that might affect the asset you're trading, as these can override any technical indicator signals.

Step 6: Practice and Observe

  • Before making any real trades based on this indicator, watch how it behaves over time. See if the color changes precede actual market movements.

Final Step: Incorporating into Your Strategy

  • Once you're comfortable interpreting "TotT - Trend Buddy" signals and they seem to align with market movements, you can start incorporating them into your live trading strategy.

  • Set up alerts for color changes to get notified of potential trades if your platform allows it.


  • Always cross-verify the signals with your analysis or other indicators.

  • Keep a trading journal of when the indicator gave you a signal and what happened next to refine your understanding of its effectiveness.

  • Stay disciplined with your risk management, no matter what the indicators suggest.

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