Indicator List

This is a list of all the indicators on Insilico:

Here's a comprehensive list of the TradingView scripts, organized with brief descriptions for each:

TradingView Scripts Collection

  1. Levels TEST: Tests various level strategies. View Script

  2. a ATR v0.2: Advanced Average True Range indicator. View Script

  3. Momentum Skiies: Momentum-based trading indicator. View Script

  4. Volume Zone Oscillator: Measures volume relative to price movements. View Script

  5. RevC: Specialized reversal indicator. View Script

  6. Dorito Workshop: Pattern-based trading tool. View Script

  7. Bort: Custom trading strategy script. View Script

  8. Simple 𝔉 Oscillators: Simplified oscillators for analysis. View Script

  9. Adaptive Fisher π”π”π”‘π”’π”“π””π”–π”—π”˜π”™π”šπ”›: Adaptive Fisher Transform indicator. View Script

  10. Cardistry: Unique trading visualization tool. View Script

  11. PA: Price action-based analysis tool. View Script

  12. ATR Crayon: Average True Range with a creative twist. View Script

  13. ATRMSR: Modified Average True Range for market sentiment. View Script

  14. Improved MACD: Enhanced Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator. View Script

  15. Momentum Oscillator: Tracks momentum in market trends. View Script

  16. Janus Β©RSI: Dual-sided Relative Strength Index. View Script

  17. Improved Volume Bars IVB: Enhanced volume bar indicator. View Script

  18. UMML: Unique market movement lens. View Script

  19. MmReV Component: Market reversal visualization tool. View Script

  20. BBPCT: Bollinger Band percent change tracker. View Script

  21. Adaptive Fisher: Adaptive Fisher Transform indicator. View Script

  22. Crayons: Colorful market trend visualization. View Script

  23. Guppy: Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator. View Script

  24. Adaptive BB: Adaptive Bollinger Bands. View Script

  25. Improved VWAP: Enhanced Volume Weighted Average Price. View Script

  26. Silicone Re-calibrate ATR: Silicon-based ATR recalibration tool. View Script

  27. Tomahawk: Advanced trading strategy script. View Script

  28. Silicone SSD: Silicone-based Smoothed Stochastic Divergence. View Script

  29. Silicone Wrapped Godmode SWG: Advanced silicone-wrapped trading tool. View Script

  30. Cold LEGO: A cool temperature-themed market analysis tool. View Script

  31. Simple Channels Trend Heuristics: Simplifies trend analysis using channels. View Script

  32. Cornucopia: A plethora of trading indicators in one. View Script

  33. Regularized Volume Zone Oscillator FSVZO: Regularized VZO for finer analysis. View Script

  34. TOTT Trend Buddy: A trend-based trading buddy. View Script

  35. TotT PAL: Part of the "Tools of the Trade" suite, focusing on price action. View Script

  36. TotT Heuristics: Offers heuristic tools for traders. View Script

  37. TotT Kumo Trendz: Integrates Kumo clouds for trend analysis. View Script

  38. TotT Genie: A 'genie' for predicting market trends. View Script

  39. TotT FSVZO: A specialized volume zone oscillator. View Script

  40. TotT Crayons: Visual trend markers in vibrant colors. View Script

  41. Candle Range TPs: Tracks candle ranges for trading points. View Script

  42. Setting Less Trend Step Filtering MOD: Minimizes settings for trend step filtering. View Script

  43. Parallel Pivot Lines LUX ALGO MOD: Parallel pivot line modification for LUX ALGO. View Script

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