Categories & Labels


There are multiple conditions detected by the crayon algorithm that falls under SC category. It should be noted that this part of the indicator is constantly worked on and improved, detection algorithm is taught new things every few months. So you might see different labels with newer updates, what will be kept consistent is the color in candle the color hierarchy, meaning the same color will always represent the same class and overall mechanical signal.

When BC and SC are firing opposing signals, always give credence to the overarching trend versus one lone signal - discretion as always is key. If there are follow up SC's/labels against the predominant sentiment, we can assume that price is chopping and user discretion is strongly advised.



Red D & Green U

D & U is a structural signal group that tracks structural breaks.

Red D - label above price- Bearish

Green U - label below price-Bullish

Signals are tracking micro invalidations off range, overlaps to previous ranges and full blown breakdowns/breakouts.

Unlike other products our algorithm isn’t only marking the huge impulse candles that are obvious structural changes detectable by the naked eye, but detects structural changes at early, still playable stages, suggesting high R/R trade opportunities and early insight into overall market character changes.

Orange B & Blue B

Bear and Bull Dominances, Shift Detection, Reversals. Big wins and tiny loses. Often signals confirm major changes in the market dynamic, designed to be early, but not too early to sustain reliable success rate.


Suggested Top, Failure to extend higher. H stands simply for - High. Algorithm signals are generated by failed extensions.


Bull Weakness sign, Rejection from the upside.

Detects signs of buyer conviction weakening, appears on failed attempts to push price higher, both in an uptrend and downtrend, in downtrend it signals continuation, in uptrend it almost always signals a pause.

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