Product Questions

FAQs about our Trading Suites. More questions?

How can I get access to the Trading Suites?

All the trading suites are indicators on TradingView, simply make an account on their website, give us your account name and we will grant access to the trading suite you ordered!

Do I need a paid TradingView subscription?

No, TradingView has free charts and paid charts which just allow you to add more indicators. Our indicators are all compatible with the free version.

Will there be updates to the Trading Suites?

Yes, there will be updates at least every quarter as we receive more feedback from traders and constantly work to improve our indicators. Updates will be added automatically to each indicator when we publish them and you will get an alert when they come out.

Is there a dedicated Discord server?

Yes! We have a discord that’s free to join. There is a large community of traders currently using the trading suites that you can discuss with! You can join here

Is Trading View free?

Yes, TradingView has free charts and paid charts which just allow you to add more indicators. Our indicators are all compatible with the free version.

Can these indicators be used for any market?

Yes, these indicators will provide actionable signals and comprehensive market analysis for any Trading View ticker.

What is the right Crayons? What is the Crayons Grayons?

Crayons 0.0277 is the correct tool and the most up to date version, Crayons Grayons is an old test scrip that we have a hard time deleting

Can you provide entry and exit ideas, or otherwise tell me when to buy and when to sell?

No, we are not any kind of paid group, we are professional traders offering advanced tools and an overall learning experience, we can and will discuss market views, fully disclose what assets we may be looking at. But we will never offer the kind of signal services you will encounter in various paid (and illegal) groups.

What does x y or z Crayons symbol mean?

Almost any possible Crayons related question can be answered simply by looking through the extensive crayons documentation, we want to be as helpful as possible and will always try our best to answer questions, but some basic due diligence is expected of members in this regard.

Can you send me some non InSilico materials?

InSilico admins are extremely busy and want to provide the best customer service experience possible, if it's not related to our brand specifically we can't be personal search engines for you.

When will new tools be available?

We are constantly innovating and developing but due to the volatile nature of the market, and the fact that we are traders first and foremost, we very rarely have specific set timelines around this.

Will InSilico make me profitable? Will it make me rich?

We cannot provide guarantees because ultimately everything is up to the individual, and everything is with discretion, if you have poor risk management and other fundamental issues, InSilico will be a band aid solution at best, everything is with discretion and it's all about confluence.

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