Structure & Components

Structural Overview

This section will detail functions and designed meanings for the plotted structural parts of the FSVZO oscillator. It will provide a list of structural components covered and short descriptions, guidelines on how to read individual parts of the indicator, as well as more in-depth examples on the later slides.

Structural Components

Band - Transforms price to a predictive curve that turns green or red depending on trend direction.

Red/green Colored Extremes - Visualizes areas that signal price reversals after the band reaches them, extreme points are marked with a green X or red arrows depending on trend direction.

Midline - Represents range middle.

Green/Red Bubbles - Represents FSVZO reversals.

White MA - This can be used as a discretional filter, after FSVZO crosses the MA it usually produces a directional impulse.

H/R - Stands for hidden and regular divergences, color represents trend, automated divergence detection is still in beta and might be clingy, the blue/orange bars on the price chart correlate with divergences.

Hue/Background Coloring - This acts as an alert for extremely overbought oversold conditions, it warns the user on not taking the position opposing the hue color, for example if it’s green, its warning you not to take short positions, if red not to take long positions.

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