Setting Alerts

How to set alerts in tradingview

  1. Open Your Chart: First, open the TradingView chart where you have applied the indicators for which you want to set up alerts.

  2. Select the Indicator: Make sure the indicator you want to set an alert for is active on your chart.

  3. Access the Alert Menu:

    • Click on the 'Alert' icon at the top of the screen, which looks like a bell.

    • Alternatively, you can right-click on the chart and select 'Add Alert' from the dropdown menu.

  4. Configure Alert Conditions:

    • In the 'Create Alert' window, choose the condition for your alert. This is typically under the 'Condition' dropdown menu where you can select the specific indicator.

    • Then, specify the parameters for the alert, such as the value or condition that should trigger the alert (e.g., crossing above/below a certain level).

  5. Set Alert Options:

    • Choose how you want to be notified (e.g., on-screen pop-up, email, or SMS if available).

    • Optionally, you can customise the alert name, message, and how often it should trigger.

  6. Activate the Alert:

    • Once you’ve configured the alert settings to your preference, click the 'Create' button to activate the alert.

  7. Manage Alerts:

    • You can view, modify, or delete your active alerts by clicking on the 'Alert' icon. This will display a list of all your alerts where you can manage them.

Remember, the availability of certain alert features might depend on your TradingView account type (e.g., free, pro, or premium). In order to access the full benefits of our indicators we recommend using a paid-for account, what level of account is entirely dependent on what type of trader you are and how much you intend to use it.

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