How To Use Janus ƩRSI

  • Smoothing Option: This reduces the RSI's sensitivity to minor price fluctuations, offering a more stable trend analysis.

  • Multiple RSI Lengths: Incorporating fast, medium, and slow RSI lengths provides a layered view of momentum, catering to different trading strategies.

  • RSI Type Selection: The choice between Classical and Alternative RSI allows traders to select the one that aligns with their analysis style.

  • Color Themes: Customizable themes enhance the visual experience and aid in distinguishing different market conditions.

  • Diverse Moving Averages: A selection of moving averages like Hull, EMA, and SMA provides varied perspectives on price movement.

  • Divergence Analysis: Identifies crucial market turning points through regular and hidden divergences.

  • Layered RSI Analysis: Comparing different RSI lengths can help identify short-term fluctuations against long-term trends.

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