Insilico Terminal Sign Up Guide

Sign up guide for new users
Visit and click the Sign Up button
You can sign up using either an email address and password or you can use your Google account. Other social media sign in options will be available upon request.
If you wish to use your Google account to sign up, it’s really easy. Just hit the button and you’re done.
The rest of this document describes how to sign up with Email and also how to create and add the API Key to begin trading.
Sign up with Email and Password
Enter your email address and a suitable password, click the Sign Up button below and then please check your email:
Click the Verify Your Account button
You will be automatically verified and signed into the Insilico Terminal.
Provide an API Key for trading
On the Welcome page for new users, click the Settings button to add your first API Key.
You can add multiple keys if you wish.
You can create a new API key from your existing exchange account. However, if your account is attached to a third-party referral we cannot accept it.
If this is the case (the Terminal will show an error message) please create a new exchange account - consider using our affiliate link, which is optional.
Insilico Terminal will not accept an API Key created from a different referral .
Create your exchange account, and then follow the exchange’s instructions to generate an API Key.
Please ensure
  • The key has enabled access for “Orders” and “Positions”.
  • The key does not have withdrawal access for your security
  • Select the Insilico Terminal application
( see example below )
You will need to take note of the API Key and Secret. For Bybit, this information looks like this:
Copy and paste the Key and Secret into the corresponding textboxes inside Insilico Terminal:
Can you choose anything you want for “Name”
Click the Add button when finished. You will receive a success notification if everything worked, otherwise an error message will be displayed.
Now your key is added, just hit the Trade button on the page menu and begin trading. Enjoy the Terminal!
Please contact us on the Insilico Discord or reach out to @azidynamics on Twitter if you experience issues during the sign up process.